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Human resources fostered and their career paths

There is a high demand for engineers and researchers who, within a large-scale research project, are aware of their roles and are able to actively cooperate with others while, at the same time, working independently.

In on-board investigations,

  • By actually undertaking observations in the field, it becomes possible to develop one's ability to recognize problems.
  • Also, it is possible to strengthen one's ability to respond flexibly, for example, in situations when the investigation doesn't go as planned due to stormy weather.
  • Furthermore, in order to effectively use the limited time on-board, it is possible to accomplish the research in cooperation with the other researchers and members of the investigation crew.

The careers sought by the engineers and researchers trained in this program

  • Faculty members and researchers in national and regional development and research institutes, or within independent administrative agencies.
  • Researchers, research managers and assistants in international organizations, administrative agencies, domestic and foreign companies and NPOs.

In the execution of oceanographic observation and marine bioprospecting using an investigation ship, staff who are able to manage and support research while understanding its difficulties is indispensable.