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Message from the Dean

研究科長メッセージThe graduate program of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology aims: "to solve various problems related to the global marine environment, to pursue the potentialities of the marine environment, and in the master's courses, to train highly specialized professionals on the foundation of specialized basic studies, and in the doctoral courses, to train independent highly specialized professionals and researchers who are capable of opening up new frontiers. The graduate school has 7 master's courses (enrollment limit: 208 students), and 2 doctoral courses (enrollment limit: 40 students), and about 660 students are devoting their efforts to their researches day and night to attain their own research goals. For the seas that surround Japan are connected to the world, and 1/5 of the students are from overseas countries, the Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology has a strong commitment to the its academic globalization as one of the issues it currently focuses on.

In "The Training Program of Highly Specialized Professionals through the Exchanges of Universities in Japan, China, Korea and more" of Ministry of Education adopted in 2010, we created the International Training Course for Specialized Professionals of Marine Environment and Energy ('Japan-China-Korea Program'), and we are accepting enrollments of the students from the consortium schools in China and Korea. This course that includes Japanese students offers them opportunities to visit and stay in the consortium universities in its 'short-term oversea training program', and by allowing them to experience the student lives in classes and recreations together with the local students, it nurtures international senses that are required for personnel with global outlook in Asia. As it was recognized as an excellent point of our university by the Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Universities and Institutions, this program has been continued after the year of the adoption.

Moreover, we have 'Specialized Practical Course of International Marine Science and Technology that is all lectured in English throughout the master's and doctoral courses (adopted as one of "Special programs offering prioritized enrollments of government-sponsored foreign students by the Ministry of Education in 2012). In 2016, 80% of the 4 master's courses are being lectured in English. On the other hand, as it is also essential to improve the abilities of the faculty members of having lectures in English, the Office for Global Personnel Training Promotion is providing: Graduate Program in English FD Seminar, individual English conversation lessons, promotion of e-learning system of English language. In the future, having the student orientation and each of the administrative procedures in English other than the lectures by faculty members, we aim to broaden international perspectives not only for the foreign students, but also for Japanese students.

At the same time, we intend to enhance the integrated education from the undergraduate programs to the graduate programs in order to turn out highly specialized professional persons with high capability and quality who are capable of playing important roles globally. Furthermore, we plan to advance creations and implementations of joint programs such as double-degree programs in order to encourage Japanese students to study overseas and to promote acceptance of foreign students.

Dean of the graduate school
Dr. Toshio Iseki