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Addresses of the Campuses

  • Shinagawa Campus (School of Marine Science)
    4-5-7, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Post Code: 108-8477
    TEL: 03-5463-0400 (Representative)
  • Etchujima Campus (School of Marine Technology)
    2-1-6, Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo Post Code: 135-8533
    TEL: 03-5245-7300 (Representative)

The contact list related to the operation

ItemsThe appointed counters and the contacts
The information on the entrance exam

To the first clerk for the admission of Admissions Division
If you send an e-mail to us, please include your physical address, name and phone number in your e-mail to contact us.
TEL: 03-5463-0510

Issue of each certificate
See "To the graduates" if you are the graduate.

(Former Tokyo University of Fisheries)
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department
TEL: 03-5463-4232

(Former Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine)
Etchujima Campus Administration Division:
TEL: 03-5245-7312

Job offers (Employment)

A clerk for future path information service, Career Support Division
TEL: 03-5463-0406

Public relations, interview requests and observation of the university

Public Relations Division, General Affairs Division
TEL: 03-5463-1609
* For interview requests and observation of the university, see "Application for interview requests" and "Application for observation of the university" on Related Pages on the foot of this page.

Photo shooting of the facilities

Facilities Management Division, Financial Affairs Department
TEL: 03-5463-0366
* See "Photo shooting of the facilities" on Related Pages for the detail.

The contact to handle improper researches and consultation

Head of General Affairs Division
TEL: 03-5463-0352

The contacts for other affairs

TEL: 03-5463-0400 (Representative)
(The clerk for general affairs, General Affairs Division:

About this web site Public Relations Division, General Affairs Division

List of the administration phone numbers

Planning and Evaluation Division  03-5463-(Ext.)
Planning and Evaluation Division The clerk for planning 0358
The clerk for evaluation 4043

General Affairs Department  03-5463-(Ext.)

General Affairs Division The clerk for general affairs 0354
The clerk for legal affairs 4017
Public Relations Division, General Affairs Division The clerk for public relations 1609、0355
Personnel Division The clerk for employment and salary 0356、4073
The clerk for working and training 0357
The clerk for employee welfare 4103
The clerk for the mutual insurance 0364
International Cooperation and Research Collaboration Division. The clerk for research collaboration 4197
The clerk for academia-industry cooperation 4201
The clerk for international cooperation 0675

Financial Affairs Department  03-5463-(Ext.)

Finance Division The clerk for general affairs 0363
The clerk for budget 0365
The clerk for accounts settlement 4207
The clerk for fund management 0369
The clerk for facility management 0366
Accounting Division The clerk for accounting 0374
The clerk for procurement and vessels 0368、0367
The clerk for procurement and vessels (ships) 0370
Fleet Management Office 0351
The clerk for external funds 0371、0373
Facilities Management Division The clerk for management 0383
The clerk for investigation and planning 4223
The clerk for construction 0384
The clerk for equipment 0385

Student Affairs Department  03-5463-(Ext.)

Academic affairs Division The clerk for general affairs 4232
The clerk for student affairs 0394、4233、4245
The clerk for graduate schools 0395
Student Support Division The clerk for campus life 0433
The clerk for overseas students 0436
The clerk for scholarship 0435
Admissions Division The first clerk for admissions 0510
The second clerk for admissions 4265
Career Support Division The clerk for future path information service 0406
The clerk for future path consulting and instruction 4271

Financial Audit Division  03-5463-(Ext.)

Financial Audit Division The clerk for audit 4210

Etchujima Campus Administration Division  03-5245-(Ext.)

The clerk for management 7308、7309
The clerk for facilities management 7311
The clerk for student affairs 7320、7312、7314
The clerk for student service 7317、7318
The clerk for admission 7345、7315
The dedicated personnel (in charge of article management) 7321

Academic Information Division (including the libraries) 03-5463-(Ext.)

The clerk for general affairs 0442
The clerk for information and planning 0446
The first clerk for academic information 0443
The first clerk for information service 0444

Academic Information Division (Etchujima branch library)  03-5245-(Ext.)

The second clerk for academic information 7361
The second clerk for information service 7362