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Privacy Policy

We run the official web site of Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology (, called "the web site" hereinafter).

We will take appropriate actions described below to protect the user's privacy. Please read this privacy policy when you use the web site. The privacy policy may be reviewed and changed. Please make sure to check the latest information.

Provision of the personal information

  • The personal information we collect from the users of the web site shall not exceed the limit necessary to achieve the objectives. Also, the information shall be collected in proper and fair ways.
  • We will not collect the information to identify the user unless the user himself/herself provides such information voluntarily.
  • We may ask the user of the web site to provide the personal information so that we can offer information on the university, etc.

Management and storage of the personal information

We will have the manager of the provided personal information to manage it properly. Also, we will implement proper countermeasures against risks such as external leakage or loss of the information, or unauthorized access to protect the users' personal information.

Usage of the personal information

Usage of the personal information collected by us shall comply with this policy. If the usage objective is specified, we will use the information along with the usage objective.

Disclosure of the personal information to the third party

We will not disclose or provide any of the user's personal information to the third parties unless the user permit to do so, provided, however, that this shall not apply in the cases below.

  1. When we need to disclose the personal information to respond to law enforcement requests, court orders, or other legal process.
  2. When we protect our staff's or students', or the informers' rights or properties.
  3. When we take emergent actions to secure the physical safely of people related to us, the informers or general people.

Disclosure, revision or deletion requests of the personal information

If a user requests to disclose the user's personal information provided to us, we will disclose it to the user without delay as long as it's appropriate to do so. Also, if the user himself/herself requests revision or deletion of the user's personal information, we will do so as soon as practicable, provided, however, that this shall not apply when we deem doing so will infringe the third party's right or interfere our smooth operation.

The governing law

The law governing the privacy policy shall be Japanese laws (the domestic laws and the treaties). Also, any or all of the disputes regarding usage of the web site shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo district court.

Continuous reviews

We will review and improve the content of this privacy policy continuously.

May 25, 2009