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The Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology is for a new interdisciplinary education and research field, established to merge and at the same time to deepen the special departments of Marine Science and Marine Technology. This graduate course is a doctoral course divided into two courses: a master's degree and a doctoral degree.

The Master's degree is comprised of six courses: Marine Life Science, Food Science and Technology, Marine Environmental Studies, Marine Policy and Management, Marine System Engineering, and Maritime Technology and Logistics. It aims at educating and training students to become excellent professionals based on special and basic education provided by the Faculties of Marine Sciences and Marine Technology.

The doctoral degree is comprised of two courses: Applied Marine Biosciences and Applied Marine Environmental Studies. It aims at training excellent professionals who can become pioneers in leading-edge fields.

The image of the students we are looking for

We are looking for students who are able to quickly respond to the demands of time and society, to creatively get involved in solving a variety of maritime issues and who have the willingness and talent to open up leading-edge fields in the marine and related industrial areas.