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Course of Applied Marine Biosciences

The course of Applied Marine Biosciences provides students with academic and scientific training on a broad range of subjects in marine biotechnology and food science. The program emphasizes the application of the latest analytical techniques for elucidation ofthe underlying biological, ecological, and functional characteristics of marine organisms, from the cellular to individual and finally to the population level, with the ultimate goal of promoting the conservation and sustainable utilization of marine biological resources,the prevention and mitigation of aquatic environmental concerns, the efficient production of safe, high-quality marine products and thedevelopment of novel pharmacological and bioactive substances.

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This course allows students to study in-depth subjects related with aquatic living resources and food production, and to conduct high-level research leading to the elucidation of fundamental biological processes in aquatic environments, the development of novel applications of the productive capacity of aquatic organisms, and of technology for the conservation and sustainable utilization of marine biological resources. This course welcomes independent-minded, diligent students who are interested in pursuing research in related subjects towards the obtention of a PhD degree.

Study Areas

  • Applied Bioscience
  • Advanced Food Science and Technology
  • Genome Science
  • Fish Health Management
  • *Reproductive and Behavioral Physiology of Fish
  • *Advanced Population Dynamics
  • *Fisheries Ecology
  • *Functional Biology of Aquatic Organisms

Enrollment quota

19 students