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Course of Applied Marine Environmental Studies

In this course, we educate students and undertake research about development of advanced theories and technologies in the following areas: understanding and predicting marine organism fluctuation mechanisms, developing technologies for high-precision prediction of the fluctuation and diffusion of marine substances that form the marine environment, designing marine transportation systems, marine structures with thrust systems and marine-resource detecting systems, developing environment-friendly energy sources, promoting policy recommendations concerning the strategies for the utilization of the sea from the viewpoints of marine environmental protection and the coexistence of human beings and the sea.

The image of the students we are looking for

In order to deepen our knowledge on the ocean, and to protect and utilize it, we expect our prospective students to be able to meet new scientific challenges with leadership and multidisciplinary approaches in the following areas: marine environmental research, marine environmental preservation/restoration technologies, marine transportation and harbor logistics, and advanced technologies for higher energy efficiency.

Study Areas

  • Marine Ecosystem Studies 
  • Ocean Science and Technology
  • Applied Ocean Engineering
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Marine Machinery and Systems
  • Industrial Policy and Culture
  • *Marine Safety Technology
  • *Marine Exploring and Utilization

Enrollment quota

21 students