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Course of Marine Life Sciences

Starting from knowledge on the physiology and ecology of marine biota, this course provides education and research opportunities on the elucidation of the mechanisms that sustain life in the marine environment and the utilization of the intrinsic characteristics of aquatic organisms to promote the management and conservation of marine living resources, their culture and breeding, the development of efficient harvesting systems and technologies to monitor the environment. This course therefore emphasizes an integrated view on the knowledge, theories, and technologies which are necessary for the efficient utilization of the productive capacity of the marine environment. A special course allows opportunities to integrate research and professional experience with the aim of developing highly-specialized professionals.

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The program of this course allows students to obtain fundamental knowledge and to develop advanced research on science and technology related with the recovery, conservation, and sustainable utilization of aquatic living resources. The course welcomes qualified and highly motivated students who are interested in the field of Marine Sciences and who would like to pursue careers in related areas.

Study Areas

  • Aquatic Bioscience
  • Fisheries Biology
  • Marine Bio-engineering

Enrollment Capacity

50 students