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Course of Marine Resources and Environment

This course promotes the understanding of various phenomena occurring in the marine environment, explains the evolution mechanisms of the oceans, and aims at efficient utilizations of marine resources, environmental protection and restoration, establishing measures to reduce and remove the load imposed by human activities on the marine environment. To do so, it provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary education and research not only through scientific initiatives in such fields as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and information science, but also through engineering for environmental protection, and through making evaluations of phenomena from the viewpoint of social science.

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The Course of Marine Resources and Environment welcomes applicants who are highly motivated to clarify variable mechanisms of the marine environment from diverse aspects, to develop efficient utilization technologies of marine resources, to participate actively in discussions concerning conservation and restoration of the marine environment and to explore possibilities for solutions to these problems.

Study Areas

  • Marine Biology
  • Aquatic Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental System Science
  • Ocean Environment Technology

Enrollment quota

65 students