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Course of Marine System Engineering

From the viewpoint of harmony between marine engineered facilities and the marine environment, in this course, we educate students and undertake research into a wide area, from the equipment and devices that comprise marine engineered facilities, such as ocean observation, surveying and work equipment, ships and marine structures, to their integrated operation system. The research is carried out under an academic framework centered on systems engineering, environmental engineering and safety engineering and it concerns the development, designing, building and manufacturing technologies for engineered facilities.

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This course welcomes students who are interested in the following subjects: earth-friendly energy system, marine research and development, control and systemization technology in engineered facilities, and especially, ocean development and operational system for conservation of the earth, ocean and natural life forms, and the safety of all.

Study Areas

  • Power System Engineering
  • Marine Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Cybernetics
  • Marine Exploring and Utilization

Enrollment quota

19 students