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Course of Maritime Technology and Logistics

In this course, we educate students and undertake research into the fields of the social engineering aspects of marine transportation, such as safe operation of ships (the main means of marine cargo transportation), securing economic efficiency in harmony with the marine environment, methods of transportation management applying advanced information technology, and design, operation and management of new marine structures that use ship transportation technologies. Also, comprehensively understanding commodity flow including the inter-modal transport system on sea, land and air, we study optimization of management engineering in logistics, economic efficiency, networking of the shipping information and the computerization of cargo management in ports.

The image of the students we are looking for

This course seeks to attract students who can think and act globally and are eager to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to identify and solve problems related to the safety and efficiency of maritime transportation and logistics.

Study Areas

  • Information Systems Engineering
  • Marine Technology
  • Marine Safety Technology
  • Logistics System Engineering
  • Logistics Management and Economics
  • Environmental System Engineering

Enrollment quota

32 students